Is This How Liberty Ends?

Is This How Liberty Ends?

In a few days, the majority of people that are going to vote in the 2016 election will cast there vote. Are you one of them? I will be. I know many people that have decided to cast their vote early, taking advantage of early voting laws. I couldn’t. Not that I was prevented from … [Read more…]

Your First Step Into a Larger World


Make today your day. Recently I was talking with a friend about how fast time seems to be flying by. I clearly remember going to both the dentist and doctor on my 30th birthday like it was yesterday. It wasn’t. It’s been almost 13 years. That day my doctor that day that I needed to remember … [Read more…]

One Question Not To Ask


One great thing about working for myself is that I can take extended lunch breaks. Or as I like to say, having lunch with my favorite actor or movie. Recently I was hanging out with my favorite scruffy looking nerf herder. The one and only Han Solo. While I do have a life size cut … [Read more…]

5 Reasons To Have Your Own Jedi Council


I was watching the Prequels recently and was intrigued by the concept of the Jedi Council. Here were 12 Jedi Masters that contemplated deeper aspects of the Force and courses of action for the Jedi to take. [Spoiler Alert] While things didn’t go well for the Council in Revenge of the Sith, it made me … [Read more…]