Lessons From A New Hope

Check out the table of contents from the book.

  • Lesson 1: What Is The Force?

  • Lesson 2: Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope!

  • Lesson 3: Mos Eisley Spaceport. You Will Never Find A More Wretched Hive Of Scum And Villainy.

  • Lesson 4: What A Piece Of Junk
  • Lesson 5: Hokey Religions And Ancient Weapons Are No Match For A Good Blaster At Your Side, Kid.
  • Lesson 6: Our Eyes Can Deceive You. Don’t Trust Them.
  • Lesson 7: I’m Luke Skywalker. I’m Here To Rescue You.

  • Lesson 8: When I Left You, I Was But The Learner; Now I Am The Master.
  • Lesson 9: Luke, You Switched Off Your Targeting Computer. What’s Wrong?