Unlearning a Crippling Lie

There is a lie that has been fostered for decades, if not longer.

Hundreds of millions of people believe it and allow it to run their lives; keeping them from living out a passion that is inside them.

Are you one of them?

For years I was. Not anymore. I have become aware of the lie and have cast it aside.

A Crippling Lie

We’ve all heard a conversation like the following before:

Luke: “There’s no money in writing/blogging/music/art/etc. You’ll starve!”

Yoda shakes his head.

Luke: “You’ll live in a van down by the river!”

Yoda: Hear you nothing that I say?

Luke: Master Yoda, making a living working in an office, for a big company is the only way to have a secured job.

Yoda: NO! No different making a life as a creative is. Only different in your mind.

Yoda: You must unlearn what you have learned.

What this means for us

My friend Jeff Goins, a fellow Star Wars fan, has taught thousands of them over the years through his Tribe Writers course and has helped them see their writing dreams come true.

Here’s the deal: The whole “starving writer” (or creative) thing needs to die.

It’s a myth, plain and simple.

There is a proven process that every professional writer knows.

And today, I want to share it with you.

Click here to check out The Writer’s Roadmap, a free video masterclass where Jeff breaks down the steps between struggling and thriving.

While the video is about writing, the principles are universal.

Regardless of the creative area you are in, you will need to do some writing on your site so the search engines can find your website and work.

Are you stuck as a writer like Luke’s X-Wing on Dagobah? This guide will help you get un-stuck, wherever you are.

Get started by clicking here to watch Jeff’s video.

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