Hi, I’m Eric.

Growing up I wanted to be a Jedi Knight and eventually a Jedi Master. I’d run around my neighborhood with a stick pretending it was a light saber. Fighting off evil was fun and exciting.

To me, Jedi were teachers and philosophers who can kick butt when they needed to. They were also problem solvers and trainers.

They trained themselves in, not just, knowledge and truth, but also in physical activities as well. When faced with conflict, they would use their wisdom to solve the solutions. If confronted physically, they could handle themselves and save others.

I grew up with the Original Trilogy, back when Han shot first. This was before the Extended Universe. Before the 1997 re-released “Special Editions”. This was before Lucas went all goofy and created the Disney cartoons. And before he sold Princess Leia to Mickey Mouse and made her the latest Disney princess.

Originally, I had Obi-Wan and Yoda as examples of what Jedi were. They were teachers and philosophers. We heard about their past exploits and adventures, but could only imagine what these actions actually looked like.

Before we meet Ben, Uncle Owen alludes that he is little more than a crazy old wizard. Later, when he fights Vader on the Death Star, we see that he can barely fight with a light saber. At least we see him use The Force a few times to persuade the storm troopers that “these aren’t the droids [they were] looking for” or to hear something down the hall.

We see flashes of his fighting spirit when Luke got into trouble in the Cantina. Ben tries to talk things out. But when that didn’t work, and a blaster was drawn, his light saber made quick work of that threat.

In “The Empire Strikes Back”, we meet Yoda. By this time, he was a 900 year old puppet and not the kick butt CG character we see in the prequels. We relied on folk lore that Yoda was a great warrior. It’s doubtful that even Lucas had envisioned Yoda jumping all around fighting Count Dooku or the Emperor (Darth Sidiuous).

I love each moment of Yoda’s screen time; from his first meeting with Luke to the training, and his remorse at Luke leaving. The first time I saw a Return Of The Jedi, I even cried when he died. This old sage had taught Luke so much. He also taught me as well.

I loved the wise advice Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi and Yoda would offer Luke. The balance between being a sage-like advisor and being a great warrior who helped others through personal sacrifice was something that ignited something inside of me.

Since I couldn’t build a light saber or use of force, I focused on searching for knowledge, wisdom, and learning martial arts. I’m now a 3rd degree black belt and Sensei (certified instructor) in Tai Chuan Do Karate. In some strange way, I thought I could become a Christian Jedi- a person devoted to Jesus, but also trained in the martial arts. So since high school, I have continue my walk with Jesus and in studying the martial arts.

To me, a Christian Jedi is a follower of Jesus, one who teachers truth, and trains the body, mind and soul.

Lets begin our training and may The Lord be with you.