1. This is incredible. I have just found your blog while searching for ‘Word of God lightsaber’ on Google, to see if anyone else (in addition to me) has written on parallels between Star Wars and the Christian faith.

    And here you are!

    I too have written much on the Christian faith as related by Star Wars, an example article (related to yours here) is this one: http://www.flyinginthespirit.cuttys.net/2016/10/07/twin-lightsabers/

    There are more; just browse the category ‘Star Wars’ on my blog.

    I’m going to have a look around your site now. Great to have found you, please write back!


    Anthony (Flying in the Spirit)

    • Glad we could connect Tony. I looked over your site a bit and I’m glad to meet a fellow believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Looks like you’ve been blogging for a while. Would love it if you’d subscribe to my email list.

      • Done, thanks for the invite 🙂

        The blog has been in existence for about eighteen months but there are some older posts; these were insights I shared on Facebook before I started my blog, but I blogged them under their original dates 🙂

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