Hi. I’m Eric, the author of 6 Bible studies on how to use Star Wars to share your faith.

On this blog, I share my thoughts about how we can live a life devoted to Christ while still enjoying the Star Wars universe.

Who Am I?

Growing up in Connecticut I wanted to be a Jedi.

Originally, I had Obi-Wan and Yoda as examples of what Jedi were. They were teachers/philosophers. In Return Of The Jedi, we see Luke becoming a Jedi who can kick butt when needed to. Then the prequels came out and expanded the role of the Jedi.

To me, Jedi solved problems. They did this through educated and protecting others.

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Jedi were able to do educate and protect because they trained themselves in knowledge, truth, and physical activities.

When faced with conflict, Jedi used their wisdom to solve the problem. But, if confronted physically, Jedi could handle themselves and save others.

Since I couldn’t build a light saber or use the Force, I focused on seeking truth and to started to study the martial arts.

In high school I continued my search for truth and found it in Jesus of Nazareth.

Since moving to Maryland in 1997, I’m still a follower of Jesus and in 2014 became 3rd degree black belt and Sensei (certified instructor) in Tai Chuan Do Karate.

I firmly believe that Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

I was convinced that I could become a Christian Jedi- a person devoted to Jesus, and also trained in the martial arts. So since high school, I have continue my walk with Jesus and in studying the martial arts.

So I write 2-3 times per month about how you can use Star Wars to share your faith and how to be a Christian Jedi.

Other ways to connect

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Final Thoughts

Also, I am a person that believes Han shot first. Watch the original, pre-special edition Star Wars if you need help understanding that.

May The Lord Be With You.