5 Reasons To Have Your Own Jedi Council


I was watching the Prequels recently and was intrigued by the concept of the Jedi Council. Here were 12 Jedi Masters that contemplated deeper aspects of the Force and courses of action for the Jedi to take.

[Spoiler Alert]

While things didn’t go well for the Council in Revenge of the Sith, it made me wonder if I had a group of people in my life that acted as a Council.

Proverbs 15:22 tells us “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.”

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I have a number of people in my life that act as my Jedi Council. Some know it (my friends Dan, James, Jim, and Jeff) and some are advising “from afar” as it were.

People that I’m learning from online (the “from afar”) include Jeff Goins, Michael Hyatt, Andy Traub, Dan Miller, Ray Edwards, among others.

I’m convinced that the more I pay attention to their advice and put it into practice, I will improve my life. It then dawned on my that there are plenty of reasons why I should have my own “Jedi Council”.

Here are my five.

#1 Creating deep and lasting friendships

The Christian life can be challenging. Having people in your life that you can trust to give you advice that is based on biblical principles is so needed today. With that shared belief system (even if they are part of another denomination- said in a voice full of fake horror!)

#2 To Challenge Yourself

Council will challenge you to grow. Whether it’s in your walk with Christ, your role in your family, your church participation, your fitness or your business, having others there to challenge your will help you reach your fullest potential. In our day to day lives, it is easy to get sidetracked and forget our goals. A council of people in your life can help you stay on track.

#3) Accountability

Accountability is needed. What gets measured gets done is a centuries’ old cliche that has some truth in it. Knowing that I will have to give account to my friends and to some degree my online council, helps me push through what Stephen Pressfield calls the Resistance. Accountability is “easy” with my friends. I see them weekly. My online council is a bit harder since I’m getting their advice through podcasts, blog posts, or courses. I’m accountable to them since I can’t justify asking them for more advice if I haven’t put into effect what they have already said.

#4)Idea Creation

When faced with challenges or opportunities, I only see things as I see them. Profound, I know.
Since 9th grade, I’ve worn prescription glasses. Without them, I can’t see more than a few inches from my face. At times in my life, I’ve felt the same way. I couldn’t get past the problem right in front of me. My friends have provided many different viewpoints. While some were helpful, others were less so. The point is, I had more ideas to pick from.

#5) Support

Sometimes life is difficult. I mean really hard. Jesus told that “In the world you will have tribulation”(John 16:33)

One way to deal with trials and tribulation is to go it alone. We all have tried it and found that it doesn’t always go well.

A better way is to go into these storms with someone who can strengthen you. We are told in Ecclesiastes 4:12 “And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

Create Your Own Council

One easy way to create your own council to look to your friends and immediate area.

If you need more expertise, you can expand your reach and go online. If you are thinking of learning to blog or write, I highly recommend Jeff Goins and Tribe Writers.

I’m an affiliate for Tribe Writers so if you purchase the course through one of my links, you get an awesome course (at no additional charge) and I get a commission. I don’t promote what I don’t believe in.


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  1. Nice post Eric! It is great to have a counsel, and your counselors keep good company while offering wisdom. You are killing it as an affiliate. Keep up the good work. Who’s that guy we should follow, suggested on the webinar? You dropped the link, but I wasn’t quick enough to catch it.

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