1. Jason Lee Palmer

    After years of battling my anger and inner demons, I turned to God and learned to forgive people, mostly my former stepfather, for events in my life. I saw myself like Luke, becoming what I hated. And I decided not to turn to The Dark Side, so to speak. I pray others see this and turn to God and our Savior Jesus Christ for help in learning forgiveness.

    • What a powerful testimony, Jason! Unforgiveness is a poison we drink expecting the other person to die. When we forgive, we let ourselves out of the prison we made for them. It doesn’t mean pretending nothing evil happened to us. But it’s coming to the place where the other person is not the evil they did to us. I’ve learned first-hand there is so much freedom after forgiveness.

  2. Jason Palmer

    Thank you both brothers for your encouragement. I have followed Eric’s blog for over a year now. David, you make a very valid point. It is poison, and it slowly killed me inside for a long time. Eric said it right “Hurt people hurt people”. I realized I was becoming what I had hated, and I was hurting my children by berating them like I had been. That was when I decided to take the right action and start forgiving. David, I have an even more powerful testimony that would blow your mind! I would love to share it with y’all.

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