1. Rowan Badart


    I was wondering about how to see Jar Jar Binks in the light of bible parables.
    In episode one he mentions “the gods” so that makes me doubt….
    What are your toughts about this?

    Kind regards & Shalom

    Rowan Badart

    • On a lighter note, I think Jar Jar could be seen as the thorn in the side Paul prayed to be relieved from.

      On a more serious note, I think a character seen as “primitive” can help us share the Gospel by showing how every society has a concept of a higher being.

      We can be like Paul in Acts 17 when he addressed the Areopagus and their “altar with this inscription: ‘To the unknown god.’”

      We can use any reference to the gods or God as a launching point into understanding the person’s view and then share what the Bible has to say.

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